Overland Expo – Flagstaff, AZ Truckfest – Ontario, CA Truckfest – Denver, CO SEMA – Las Vegas, NV


Morris 4×4 Open House – Pompano Beach, FL
Truckfest – San Mateo, CA Truckfest – Honolulu, HI SEMA – United Arab Emirates Truckfest – Puyallup, WA


Truckfest – San Mateo, CA Truckfest – Honolulu, HI SEMA – United Arab Emirates Truckfest – Puyallup, WA
Morris 4×4 Open House – Pompano Beach, FL Overland Expo – Flagstaff, AZ Truckfest – Ontario, CA Truckfest – Denver, CO
WP Beach Run – Sand Lake, OR Toys For Tots – Brown’s Camp OHV Area


It was well attended all day long. Lots of types of Jeep in attendance from YJ to Monster Jeeps. Lots of great giveaways all day long for those in attendance. And, good discount on product ordered at the event that takes place at their warehouse where they have a showroom as well.

Jeep Beach on the other hand had old military Jeeps, JK8’s and everything else in between. Cool fly over after the National Anthem at noon. Well over 100 vendors. Lots of dirt and rocks brought in for new and old Jeeps to test their performance and skills. NASCARs were doing test laps throughout the day.

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We attend the 4 Wheel Parts Truck & Jeep Fest in Puyallup, Washington every year. Roughly 160 miles from where we manufacture the entire Warrior product line, it’s just a quick run up I-5 and we’re there. Known for being one of the smaller Truck & Jeep Fest shows, this year really surprised the Warrior crew. The event was packed with people! Warrior set up in a 10′ x 10′ booth with the Warrior Jeep Wrangler JKU dead-center in the aisle. Every consumer who attended the show admired the powder-coated steel body armor, Renegade Roof Rack, tube fender flares, and adventure tube doors. Being in the middle of the aisle, Warrior was able to leave the Jeep’s tailgate open the entire show. This allowed consumers to test the functionality of Warrior’s new Tailgate Table Storage System – realizing just what sets this product apart from competitor’s similar options.

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The 4th Annual SEMA Middle East Business Development Conference (MEBDC) was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE this March as part of the Abu Dhabi Custom Show. As in previous years the conference was made up of a number of smaller gatherings and events including; an initial delegate and market leaders meeting, local shop visits, networking events, tourist trips, a mandatory measuring session with UAE specific vehicles, and of course the actual SEMA Show. The SEMA Show was held in a separate section of the Abu Dhabi Custom Show at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, which was attached to the hotel that most vendors stayed in. Being able to connect with international jobbers and distributors has proved invaluable as Warrior further expands into international markets. The SEMA Show provides a solid platform for both parties to meet and discuss needs, product recommendations, and federal regulations associated with vehicle modification.

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There has never been a better excuse to go to Hawaii than “work”. Situated on the big island of Honolulu, the 4WP Truck & Jeep Fest attracts thousands of islanders and tourists looking to customize their vehicles. With the 2005 – 2015 Toyota Tacoma being the most popular vehicle in Hawaii, and Warrior’s full product line for that vehicle, it made this show a no-brainer to attend. Warrior was able to show off our entire Toyota Tacoma product line to consumers that appreciated it.

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Warrior Products made our annual appearance at the 4 Wheel Parts Truck & Jeep Fest in San Mateo, California. The show proved to be highly successful as we met thousands of existing and new consumers looking for aftermarket upgrades for their vehicles. Consumers took a special interest in Warrior’s Tailgate Table Storage System, in addition to Warrior’s three widths of Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU Fender Flares and Warrior’s Renegade Roof Rack. Warrior’s new LED Steel Tail Light display received numerous comments and gave consumers different LED Steel Tail Light options to upgrade their stock components.

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Despite the cold and wet weather that we had been experiencing for more than a month, a group of Warrior employees (including myself) decided to make the trek out to the Oregon coast and spend some time cruising the beach and playing around in the sand. We had been talking about planning a trip for months, but we were not able to make it happen until the end of November. Not exactly the ideal time of year to hit the sand. At about 8:00am we hit the highway for the relatively short 2-hour drive out to the Sand Lake Recreation area, about 20 miles south of Tillamook. As we climbed the pass on highway 6 we noticed snow and ice was beginning to build on the side of the road and the highway itself was starting to get a little frosty. At one point we even encountered warnings that conditions we continue to deteriorate and that chains or traction tires would be required. This warning did not deter us from pushing on. In fact, in some ways it was encouraging. We all expected the weather to be poor along the coast in November. Even in July or August it’s somewhat uncommon to experience nice weather on the Oregon coast so the idea of driving on a snow covered beach was exciting. Even with snow on the pass and ice on the highways, by the time we dropped down over the other side of the pass, it was clear that the weather was going to be much better than anticipated. We arrived at the parking lot and staging area, aired down, attached out flags and hit the sand. By 11:00am the temperature hit 65 degrees, the skies were clear and the wind was mild. We spent most of the morning blasting through the dunes and the surrounding tree line without any breakdowns or stuck vehicles. By early afternoon our Marketing guy buried his XJ deep in some soft sand at the hop of a hill. The one and only rig from our group to get stuck on this trip. A lack of speed and experience was to blame in this mishap. After the front end had been buried completely and the rear end was almost floating we all pitched in and had him unstuck in a matter of moments. This was Jon’s first experience driving on the beach and I think he learned a number of lessons from the short amount of time that his XJ was beached. Once we got him out, we hit the dunes again and spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the sand and enjoying a surprisingly beautiful day on the Oregon Coast.

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