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Banging Out the Dents

One of the very first things we did when we got the race car back to our Tualatin, Oregon facility was take a close look at the body.  Because we wanted a bit of a fresh start there was some dent repairs and fresh paint to be done.

Here are a few images of the car up close when we first got it, and as it was being worked over. We fixed some of the major dents and had the shop put a fresh orange coat on the exterior.

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Team WP is brake Savvy

We are pretty happy at how Savvy we are with our brakes on the race car.  So how did we manage to acheive this and how can you?  The answer; Savvy Off Road.

After questioning how well the OEM brakes would function on our race car we started talking to Gerald over at Savvy and he was quick to generously jump in as a sponsor and supplied us with his Vanco 15″ Big Brake Kit.  This kit boasts bigger rotors, new reinforced knuckles, and twin-piston calipers to really beef up the stopping power!

Come check this kit out in person at the Primm 300, Baja 1000, or at the 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas!

You can find this kit online for purchase by visiting this URL:
Savvy Big Brake Kit

About the Kit:
This is a bolt in larger front disk kit for the following Jeep Models-1990-2006 Wrangler, all Comanches, all Cherokees 90-2000 and all Grand Chrerokees up through 98.

The kit includes modified knuckles, dual piston calipers, new pads and rotors. We’ve built this system to fit most 15 inch rims that have 4.5 inches or less of backspacing when run with an ideal tire size of 37s or smaller. In a lot of cases the unit bearing flange may have to be ground down slightly to fit inside the rotor hat, the rest of the kit is bolt on and requires no other modifications to the rig. It can be used with most after market steering kit that bolt brackets to the knuckle, call for details on any particular steering kit you plan on installing or have installed.

The kit was designed to do away with inherent weaknesses in these Jeep front brake systems while reinforcing the knuckle to be able to handle the pressure of a Hydroboost.. The cast iron sliders that hold the brake pads tend to flex under heavy braking loads. The ears on the pad backing plates rubbing against these cast iron sliders tend to cause divots. Those divots will catch the pad and only allow part of the pad to be used. If you’ve applied your brakes in a hard stop situation and felt the pedal going down and the vehicle wouldn’t come to a faster stop like normal vehicles you’ve probably experience one or both of the problems mentioned above.

Due to one side flexing more then the other, or divots on either side they’re can be lesser braking on one side of the vehicle. One of the symptoms of this is the vehicle pulling to one side or the other when you stop. There’s no guarantee that is why your Jeep is pulling but this kit has solved the problem on over 50% of the vehicles using it at this time.

We incorporate dual piston caliper to evenly distribute the clamping forces over the swept area of the pad. The current single piston calipers have a tendency to lock one end of the pad in the divot and then bow the pad inwards in a uneven manner. Rotor size has been maximized to allow fitment into most 15″ rims. The caliper bracket mounting area on the steering knuckle has been strengthened and reinforced to endure the higher forces generated by the larger brakes.

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Optima Batteries Jumps Aboard!

I suspect a switch was left on, but when I was unable to start our race car one morning due to having no voltage,  I immediately began to question the life of our batteries; had it ended?

Without a second thought I immediately turned to a great industry supporter and makers of one of the toughest and most popular deep cycle batteries on the market.  Undoubtedly this is, of course, Optima Batteries.

Optima was happy to jump in and join Team WP as a product sponsor and supplied us with their Yellow Top deep cycle battery.  Our race car will now run twin deep cycle batteries mounted right where you can see them in the middle of the chassis and you’ll find our chase trucks being powered by the same monster of a power source.

A huge thank you goes out to Optima Batteries and we look forward to tearing through the desert with you in Ensenada!  If you’d like to see more information on the great batteries that optima makes, visit

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FJ Cruiser Pre-Runner

We are now in the works to build one of our two pre-runner trucks, a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

This FJ Cruiser was built in 2010 for Warrior Products to display in the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Since its debut at the show, it has mostly just been driven as a daily use vehicle. Warrior Products is now diving into a full transformation of the FJ to create a great truck to pre-run the Baja in.

This build will occur through the months of June and July.  In August it will be sent down with us to the Primm 300.  After the Primm race, we’ll have time to adjust anything we need to and apply a new vinyl wrap.  The FJ Pre-Runner will again be displayed at the 2011 SEMA Show in booth #34091.  Immediately after SEMA, we will begin our Journey to Mexico to start doing our runs for the Baja 1000.

Current supporters of the FJ build include:

  • General Tire
  • Hella Lights
  • sPod
  • Warrior Products
  • MBRP Performance
  • Airaid Intakes
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Hella USA joins Team WP!

Please help us give a big welcome to our newest sponsor Hella USA!

You wouldn’t think about it right away, but one of the most vital things needed in desert racing is a good loud horn. When the Seubert boys started inspecting our electrical panel, we quickly found that our horn did not work and appeared to be much like an OEM horn. This of course just will not do.

After talking a bit with Scott at Hella, we were all set with their Twin Supertone Horn kit. This horn is rated at 118dB and ought to suit our desert racer very well.  Below are the specifications, but be sure to hit the Hella USA website at the link below to see all of their lights and other accessories for your racer or daily driver.

Ideal for:
• Performance for all vehicles
• Dramatic look under your front grille

• Black Coated Metal with Red Protective Grille

• Frequency (Hz):
• 500 Hz High-tone
• 300 Hz Low-tone
• Wattage: 72
• Sound Level: 118 Db(A)

Kit includes:
• (1) High-Tone Unit
• (1) One Low-Tone Unit
• (1) Relay
• Mounting Brackets
• Step-by-Step Mounting Instructions

My Hella Lights
Hella USA Facebook
Twin Supertone Horn Kit

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Introducing Team WP Racing

Warrior Inc., manufacturer of Warrior Products brand accessories, along with Seubert Machine and Fabrication are happy to announce the launch of a brand new venture into desert racing.

Stay tuned as we begin to build and populate this page with new and exciting news about events, prep, races, shows, sponsors and more!

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