D-Ring Mounts & Shackles

D-Ring Mounts & Shackles

Fits Vehicle: Universal

6579 866 001 D Ring Mounts & Shackles

P/N 866 Shown.

867 D Ring Mounts & Shackles

P/N 2105 Shown.

2100 D Ring Mounts & Shackles

P/N 2100 shown.

D-Ring Mounts

  • Warrior’s Universal D-Ring Mounts are designed to be an easy add-on to any surface strong enough to support the loads they will be used for.
  • D-Ring Mounts have a 7/8″ diameter hole for mounting a 3/4″ shackle.
  • Includes two 1/2″ mounting holes which can be drilled to 9/16″ easily for an even stronger mounting.  No hardware is included in this set as every application will vary in size.
  • Grade 8 bolts are recommended for use with these brackets or as an alternative brackets can be welded on if you choose.
  • Shackles are sold separately.

D-Ring Shackles

  • D-Ring Shackles are sold in two flavors; the normal cast version commonly found or a very nice polished stainless steel.
  • All Shackles are 3/4″ sized with a 7/8″ pin size to match all of our bumpers with D-Ring Mounts.
  • Please note that these cast and stainless shackles are one of very few products that we offer that we do not manufacture in house at Warrior Products.

Part Numbers

Description Part #
D-Ring Hooks & Shackles
Cast Iron 3/4″ Shackle (each) 2100
Stainless Steel 3/4″ Shackle (each) 2105
Universal D-Ring Mounts (pair) 866

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