Sideplates (No Front Cutout)

Sideplates (No Front Cutout)

Fits Vehicle: 1955 – 1975 Jeep CJ5

Sideplates No Cutout Sideplates (No Front Cutout)

Photo is illustration only. See chart below for your part.

  • Sideplates protect the rocker panel area below the door and enhance the appearance of the vehicle too.
  • Available flat or with a 90-degree bend (lip) that wraps 1″ under the rocker panel.
  • Sideplates without the front cutout come with a squared off front end.
  • These can be trimmed to fit with custom or aftermarket flare setups.
  • Finishes include Aluminum Diamond Plate, Aluminum Black Diamond Plate, Polished Aluminum, and Smooth Black 12 Gauge Steel.
  • Sideplates are sold in pairs.

Available Finishes

diamond plate 150x150 Sideplates (No Front Cutout)

Aluminum Diamond Plate

blk diamond 150x150 Sideplates (No Front Cutout)

Aluminum Black
Diamond Plate

black steel 150x150 Sideplates (No Front Cutout)

Smooth Black

polished alum 150x150 Sideplates (No Front Cutout)

Smooth Polished

Part Numbers

Model / Year Description Finish/Part Number
Aluminum Diamond Plate Aluminum Black Diamond Plate Polished Aluminum 12-gauge Steel
Sideplates (No Front Cutout)
CJ5 & M38: 71 -Down Sideplates 905X 905XPC 905XPA S905X
CJ5: 72 -75 Sideplates 906X 906XPC 906XPA S906X
CJ5: 71 – Down Sideplates w/ Lip 905UX 905UXPC 905UXPA S905UX
CJ5: 72 – 75 Sideplates w/ Lip 906UX 906UXPC 906UXPA S906UX

NOTE: All Polished Aluminum (PA Series part #s) are considered a special order. This means that they are not an inventoried part number and will be subject to an estimated 4 week waiting period. Special orders cannot be cancelled or returned. Special order items will still carry the standard Warrior Products warranty.

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