Tube Flares

Tube Flares

Fits Vehicle: 2007 – 2017 Jeep JK Wrangler

JK Tube Fender Flares Tube Flares

P/N’s 7311, 7311PC, S7311, & S7311-RAW shown.

S7314 Tube Flares

P/N S7314 shown.

5227 JK S7311 001 Tube Flares

P/N S7311 shown.

S7311 Sidemarker Tube Flares

P/N 2731 shown.

S7313 Installed Tube Flares

P/N S7313 shown.

  • Designed to replace the original flares, Warrior’s Tube Flares mount into existing fender wells with minimal or no drilling.
  • Constructed of 1.5″ steel tubing, these beefy frames are a perfect complement to our Tube Doors.
  • The outer mounting and frame of the flare comes in a black powder-coated finish while the flares’ top plate comes in three finishes to match other Warrior Body Armor; polished diamond plate, black powder coated diamond plate and textured black steel.
  • Our steel topped applications are available in an uncoated bare steel option for paint matching purposes.
  • All fender flares are sold in front and rear pairs.
  • An optional LED Side Marker Light can be incorporated into the leading edge of the front flare and comes complete with wiring harness for easy installation. Light kits are sold separately.

Available Finishes

diamond plate 150x150 Tube Flares

Polished Diamond Plate

blk diamond 150x150 Tube Flares

Black Diamond

textured black steel Tube Flares

Textured Black

Part Numbers

Model Year Description Finish/Part Number
Diamond Plate Black Diamond Plate 16-gauge Steel Uncoated Steel
Tube Flares
JK Wrangler & Unlimited 07 – 17 Front Tube Flares (pair) – 7.5″ Wide 7311 7311PC S7311 S7311-RAW
JK Wrangler & Unlimited 07 – 17 Front Tube Flares (pair) – 10″ Wide 7314 7314PC S7314 S7314-RAW
JK Wrangler & Unlimited 07 – 17 Front Tube Flares (pair) – 12.5″ Wide 7315 7315PC S7315 S7315-RAW
JK Wrangler (2 Door) 07 – 17 Rear Tube Flares (pair) – 4.5″ Wide 7312 7312PC S7312 S7312-RAW
JK Wrangler (4 Door) 07 – 17 Rear Tube Flares (pair) – 4.5″ Wide 7313 7313PC S7313 S7313-RAW
JK Wrangler & Unlimited 07 – 17 Rear Tube Flares (pair) – 6.5″ Wide 7316 7316PC S7316 S7316-RAW
JK Wrangler 07 – 17 Tube Flare Side Marker Light Kit (Pair) 2731

Steel versions have welded on top plates, while diamond plate aluminum versions are pop-riveted into place. Noticeably the steel will have a much more precise and solid fitment.

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