Team WP Racing – The Silver State 300

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Drivers: Rob Seubert & Tom Richardson

SilverState300 2013 300x225 Team WP Racing   The Silver State 300

Words by Rob Seubert

We finally felt we had a nice competitive run at it, like we know we are capable of. We finished 2nd in the Vegas to Reno race last year, but everyone else just had more issues than us in that race. So even though we finished 4th this time, it felt better than that 2nd.

I started off and was sweating bullets with car 1710 starting behind me…. I think that’s why Tom elected to have me start and him finish !

With the 1717 in front of me, I figured I had serious work to catch them…but I did. They moved over nicely after a gentle nudge. We were on them for a long ways in the dust before the wind got just right and I could close the gap to see past the dust and get on their bumper….same issue everyone else had catching & passing.

Silver State1 1024x535 Team WP Racing   The Silver State 300
Car 1718 was just in front of 1717 and we were on them quickly after passing 1717 – but same thing happened as we followed them for a long time in their dust. We got a bit of luck when they got stalled behind a trophy light that broke and blocked the course. They were pushing them off the course when we came around the corner. They got them out of the way and the cat and mouse race was on !! I was glued to their bumper and gave them a couple of taps. But they were making a run for it. I’m sure their logic was that they got caught due to having to push the truck out of the way…but we were only 100 yards behind them for miles, just out of the dust.

They blew a left hand corner wide and I tried to get them on the inside…in that pine forest type area – very, very narrow. I took a big tree limb out with the driver pillar and my passenger mirror swiped off on their rear quarter…had to back off. But still on their bumper.

Then they blew a right hand corner, dipped the left wheels in the ditch and launched out of the ditch pretty violently landing on the right side and nearly rolled it. I could have counted the pan bolts on that transmission. I got a really good look at the bottom of that car. Tom and I couldn’t believe it came back down on all four wheels. Not sure if they hurt something in that episode, or just scared the hell out of them, but they pulled over and let us by.

Screen shot 2013 05 10 at 1.56.57 PM 1024x546 Team WP Racing   The Silver State 300
Now I was leading the pack !! That was awesome. We got passed in the pits by several guys while fueling and air filter changing. Tom and I swapped seats and he drove it to the finish cleanly. We rolled across the line physically in 3rd, but 1708 got us on time (unofficially). Tom & I drove it so hard that we completely wore out a set of front tires ! Very fun to be in the hunt that close.

Thanks to Warrior Products and Seubert Machine for supporting car 1724!

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