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Words by Tom Richardson

mint 400 logo1 Team WP Racing   The Mint 400

The Mint 400 was a little bazaar this year starting on the first lap. The tie-down (3 inch ratchet style tie-down) for the spare tire on the back of the car came up missing and wasn’t noticed until after the car left the starting line. We’re not sure when someone needed it worse than us but we’re thinking it could’ve happened while we were all attending the driver’s meeting.

Mint1 Team WP Racing   The Mint 400

Driver Tom Richardson (left) and Co-Driver Randy Peterson (right)

This caused the spare tire to move around a lot as we began racing. Before we even arrived at the first pit stop, the tire ended up next to the driver. At the first pit we secured the tire but some damage was done while the loose tire was bouncing around in the back that wasn’t noticed until the second lap. The main cable from the alternator to the batteries, which are behind the seats in the drivers compartment, started smoking so Randy and I stopped.

Our first thought was the cable had come loose and had rubbed the insulation off the wire and was grounding out on the floor boards. After wrapping it in roll bar padding at the first stop, leather tool pouch at the second stop, and leather wrapping and more roll bar padding at the third stop, we determined that the wire was not shorting out but was over heating and melting anything that was close.

A little investigation and we found the culprit, the tire hit a battery cable which came loose but looked to be tight. After we secured all the cables, the main wire stopped overheating and the plastic tray from the tool box kept the bare wire from shorting out. Finally, we were off and ready to finish the race.

Mint3 Team WP Racing   The Mint 400

After four stops and about an hour of down time, we were left in the back of the pack and only able to finish ninth.

Our reward: we finished the race!

Mint2 Team WP Racing   The Mint 400

Mint4 Team WP Racing   The Mint 400

Next up…the Silver State 300 in May!

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