Adventure Doors on the Master-Pull XJ

  Rob Shoffner   May 14, 2012   WP in Action   0 Comment

Early in April we borrowed a late model Jeep Cherokee XJ from Master-Pull employee Alex Riedo in order to complete the design of our Adventure Doors for the 1997-2001. We held onto Alex’s Jeep for about 2 weeks while our design team fit it into the hectic schedule around Warrior Products.

These new late model XJ Adventure Doors carry the same features and look as the early model. The late model XJ utilizes a different hinge system, therefore a bolt-on design is required. As a feature of the door, we have built them to automatically control the push buttons in the door jamb that operate the vehicles dome lights. For more information on Adventure Doors for Jeep Cherokee, click here.

The prototypes were completed and installed on the Master-Pull XJ. That weekend Alex picked his Jeep up and joined local off-road club, the POR Wheelers, on an outing into the Jeep Trails of the Tillamook State Forest. Alex sent us some photographs from his day with the Warrior Adventure Doors in action.  Thanks again to Alex for loaning us his trail toy, it looks like you had a great time out there!

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